2013 Translated Titles List

December 9, 2013 | By French Culture

We are delighted to release a list of over 650 fantastic titles translated from French since January 2012, the great majority of which are original editions. We're particularly excited to see the profusion of contemporary books that have made it across the Atlantic to the American book market in recent years and even happier to note that these numbers appear to be rising each year. Our list continues to grow on a daily basis.

350 titles were counted in 2013, and 300 in 2012! We are delighted to observe the continued attention to publish a large number of excellent new books!

Next time you go shopping for a good read, you'll be able to browse from a 2013 selection of 110 novels and short story collections, 43 comic books titles as well as 49 children's books. The lists are equally strong in non-fiction, with 119 titles that cover philosophy, history, sociology, biography and more. The list does not include guides and coffee table books, two of the genres most often exported from France to the U.S..

Let us know which titles tempt you and which ones you already know and love in the comments section below.

Please browse our updated 2012 list (pdf) and the 2013 list (pdf) of translated titles. And if any book is missing, please contact the Book Department at 972livre@gmail.com.

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