Art Spiegelman Heads the 39th International Angoulême Comics Festival

January 24, 2012 | By French Culture

The President of the 39th Angoulême International Comics Festival (January 26-29, 2012 will be the great American artist Art Spiegelman. Author of Maus (and designer of the official festival poster) Spiegleman will be honored with a retrospective of over 200 works (he provided exclusive drawings for the event.) Among this year’s guests, his "colleagues" Chris Ware, Charles Burns, Joe Sacco will come to the town of Angoulême in Charente, a region of southwestern France… What a program!

Another genius, Fred, the creator of Philemon, aged 80, will be celebrated with a tribute-exhibition, and the topic L’Europe se dessine… will focus on Spanish comics (Max, Paco Roca, Felipe Hernández Cava …) as well as on many European authors (Enki Bilal, Florence Cestac, Cyril Pedrosa, etc.). There will be also a focus on Swedish and Taiwan creation… So, as usual, for a few days, Angoulême will be the true capital of the comics world!

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