Estimated 2014 Translated Titles List


Between 2010 and 2013 we caught a glimpse of the rising translation presence in the US market with a 50% prodigious increase. 2014, more than ever, shows French well ahead in the lead past translated languages. In May, no less than 394 French titles have already been scheduled to come out on the American market this year, of which 163 are already available for purchase. For other info, read our news article on the subject.

Fiction outdistances every other genre with 149 translated novels and short stories, but non-fiction comes close behind with its 132 titles. We are especially happy to see that the French comic book world has found an audience across the Atlantic with its 71 new translations, compared to 43 in 2013. Children’s books are not outdone representing a noteworthy 21 titles. And while poetry and theater are among last categories to be chosen by American publishers, they account for 21 translations.

We hope you’ll enjoy the flavorful readings of the 2014 cuvée!

You can browse our 2014 list here, the previous 2013 list there and the 2012 list there. Feel free to tell us about any other translations from French to English you would be aware of by writing to the Book Department at

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