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October 31, 2014 | By Maggie Love
Adrien Bosc (via l'Obs)

Adrien Bosc Wins the Grand Prix du roman
On Thursday, the Académie française named the winner of its prestigious Grand Prix du roman: 28-year-old Adrien Bosc, for his book Constellation. Previously, Bosc was best known in French literary circles for heading the reviews Feuilleton and Desports.  In the book, which is Bosc’s first novel, he revisits the 1949 flight from Paris to New York that crashed into Mount Renondo, killing all passengers including famous boxer Marcel Cerdan. Read an excerpt of the original version of the book here.

Prix Goncourt: The Final Four
The Académie Goncourt announced the four finalists for its prize: Lydie Salvayre, David Foenkinos, Pauline Dreyfus, and Kamel Daoud. The prize's jury has already defied expectations, first by not including critically acclaimed writer Emmanuel Carrère in its first selection, then by eliminating, in this most recent round, Eric Reinhardt, whose book "L'amour et les forêts" has long been considered Goncourt worthy. The suspense will continue until next Wednesday, when the jury will announce the winner.

With Nobel, Spotlight on Translators
Some of the buzz surrounding Patrick Modiano’s Nobel Prize win has gone to his translator, Mark Polizzotti. In a blog entry for the Yale University Press, Polizzotti discusses the intricacies of translating an author who is able to convey so much in few words.

Prolific Writer Daniel Boulanger Has Died
Daniel Boulanger, who wrote over 20 novels, short story collections, and poems, died Monday. In addition to writing, he acted in the films of François Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard and Claude Chabrol, and wrote scripts for Chabrol, Alain Corneau and Philippe de Broca. He was 92.  Read a 1994 l'Obs profile of him here.

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