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December 12, 2014 | By Maggie Love
La robe de Hannah, by Pascale Hugues

Kindle Unlimited Launched in France

For 9.99  euros a month, French readers can now access 20 000 French titles on the Amazon Kindle. As the main French titles available are either from exclusively digital publishers, self-published Amazon writers, and internet editors, Amazon is focusing on pushing its much larger English language collection.


Tintin Controversy in France
The Groupe d’intervention contre le racisme is leading a campaign against the sale of Tintin au Congo in  France. The group is challenging the editor, Casterman, to include a foreward explaining the racist context in which the book was written. Similar introductions can already be found in versions sold in the US and in Great Britain.

French Journalist Awarded 8th European Prix du Livre
Pascale Hugues was honored for her book La Robe de Hannah: Berlin 1904-2014 (Les arènes, 2009), a cultural history of the street on which she lives in Berlin. The prize is awarded for one work of fiction and one work of nonfiction which exhibit an original take on the European Union.


Lydia Davis in Conversation with Dan Gunn

In this in-depth interview, Lydia Davis* asks Dan Gunn about his multi-faceted literary life, which includes editing multiple volumes of Samuel Beckett’s correspondence, writing novels (most recently, The Emperor of Ice Cream) and editing the Cahier Series on translation for the Center for Writers and Translators at the American University in Paris, where he also teaches.

*The renowned author and translator was recently awarded the French Government's Officer of the Order of the Arts and Letters. She is also a 2011 French Voices Winner and contributor to the Book Department's blog.

Publishers Weekly Interviews Judith Gurewich
“There isn't much of a challenge [in publishing the story in the U.S.]. It is too good to be true. Young people will feel the book evokes familiar themes--identity, country in turmoil, the deceptive power of religion, politics, discrimination, ambition, rage--and their parents will be happy to remember their school years and a book they have surely forgotten but would want to revisit." --Other Press publisher Judith Gurewich, on acquiring the rights to Kamel Daoud’s Meursault, Counter-Investigation.

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