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August 6, 2014 | By FRENCH CULTURE BOOKS

20 years ago, France adopted the so-called “Toubon law,” which designated French as a “language of teaching, work, trades and public services.” This law is fundamental for French speaking countries.

Benjamin Stora will take the head of “Cité Nationale de l’histoire de l’immigration,” succeeding Jacques Toubon. Benjamin Stora is a historian and expert on North Africa, who specializes in decolonization and the Algerian war.

This is the End
Sony has announced this week that they are stopping their production of e-readers. Sony, once a pioneer in the market, can no longer compete with Amazon and Kobo.

Book ReviewAtlas de l’influence française au XXIe siècle by Michel Foucher
Despite theories about the decline of France, Michel Foucher, with the help of maps and figures, argues that France will still have an influence on world history by keeping its heritage while introducing innovations. A great example of this is the fact that the number of French speaking people is expected to increase in the years to come.

Lauryn Hill will do a voice-over
in a documentary about colonization and its devastating effects. This short movie is inspired by the book Les Damnés de la Terre, written by Frantz Fanon.

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