French Books USA: Week In Review

January 8, 2015 | By Maggie Love


Nous Sommes Charlie
In the aftermath of the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, journalists and others around the world responded with an outpouring of messages of solidarity. Several outlets have displayed the cover the magazine published the day after the satirical publication was fire bombed in 2011, which declared, L’amour: Plus fort que la haine(“Love: Stronger than hate”).

Michel Houellebecq is putting promotion of his book Soumission, which came out Wednesday in France, on hold following the death of his friend Bernard Maris in the Charlie Hebdo attack. (A caricature of Houllebecq was on the cover of the satirical magazine the day of the shooting.)

An English translation of the book, which is set in an Islamic Party-ruled France in 2022,will be published inthe United States by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. The author  dicussed his new novel in a recent interview with the Paris Review.

Rentrée littéraire d’hiver
345 new French books are slated to come out this January and February, and critics are already sharing their top picks.


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