French Voices Grantee Seeks American Publisher

January 9, 2015 | By FRENCH CULTURE BOOKS

One of our 10 Grantees for the 2014 French Voices Award is looking for an American Publisher: Cent vingt et un  jours, by Michèle Audin, translated by Christiana Hills and published in France in 2014 by Gallimard.

For this award shared between the US publisher and the translator, $4,000 will go to the US publisher and $2,000 to the translator, Christiana Hills.

The French Publishers’ Agency in New York City (Ph : 212-254-4540) is handling US rights on behalf of Gallimard.

About Cent vingt et un jours

The debut novel of mathematician, author, and Oulipo* member Michèle Audin, Cent vingt et un jours retraces the lives of French mathematicians over several generations, during World Wars I and II. In keeping with the spirit and aesthetics of the Oulipo, the narrative oscillates stylistically from chapter to chapter, at times resembling a novel, at others resembling a fable, historical research, or a diary, resulting in a book that is at once captivating and original.

“[Michèle Audin] plays with codes, numbers and dates to create a fascinating and unsettling story.”Le Temps

*Oulipo, short for "Ouvroir de literature potentielle", roughly translates into English as “Workshop of potential literature.”

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