French Voices Grantees Still in Need of US Publishers


Surprising as it may seem, some of the titles that were granted a French Voices Award in the past few years still haven't found their matching US publishers!

The French Voices Award honors both translators and American publishers for their work. The goal of the program is to create a series of U.S.-published books representing the very best of contemporary French writing in every field. This ambitious program is aimed to support translations from French into English. Applications are accepted twice per year and candidates are selected by a literary committee.  

Launched in 2006 by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and PEN American Center, this program has been made possible thanks to the support of the FACE Foundation, Florence Gould Foundation, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy.

For each title, the American publisher will receive a sum of $6000, to be divided between the publisher ($4000) and the translator ($2000).

The following titles were selected by a jury, and chosen according to the excellence of the original texts, translation quality and, finally, for their pertinence and potential in the American market:

Daewoo, by François Bon, Fayard, 2004, transl. Alison Dundy & Emmanuelle Ertel

Corniche Kennedy, by Maylis de Kerangal, Editions Verticales, 2008, transl. Michael Lucey

Les Jardiniers, by Véronique Bizot, Actes Sud, 2008, transl. Youna Kwak

D'un pays sans amour, by Gilles Rozier, Grasset, 2011, transl. Pierre Hodgson

Ramallah Dream: voyage au coeur du mirage palestinien, by Benjamin Barth, La Découverte, 2011, transl. Michelle Nava

Bon rétablissement, by Marie-Sabine Roger, Editions Rouergue, 2012, transl. Louis Cancelmi

Un mage en été, by Olivier Cadiot, POL, 2010, transl. Anna Fitzgerald

Une partie de chasse, by Agnès Desarthes, Editions de l'Olivier, 2013, transl. Christiana Hills

For an overview of all past French Voices grantees, visit FACE foundation's webpage.
Also, please note that we can provide you (and will gladly do so) with both English and French excerpts of the books.

To learn more about these titles and/or the French Voices Award, feel free to send us your questions at

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