L'Oliver: A Twenty Year Old Tree

July 2, 2011 | By French Culture

In February 1991, the publishing house L’Olivier published its first book: Une saison ardente, a French translation of Richard Ford’s famous novel Wildlife. The founder, Olivier Cohen, was not only a former editor for Le Sagittaire, Mazarine and Payot, he was a magnificent lover of American literature, a friend of Raymond Carver (to whom he was introduced by Ford in 1985) and a savvy young businessman.

Twenty years later, L’Olivier is a successful oasis in the book world, devoted to literature from France and around the world. It publishes French translations of many important US authors, including Jay McInerney, Rick Moody, Jonathan Franzen, and Jonathan Lethem. Without Cohen, contemporary American literature wouldn’t be the same… in France. Happy birthday, Mr. Cohen!

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