Parisian Bookshop Boycotts Amazon


With only a few weeks following the notorious "anti-Amazon" law passed in France at the end of June, the Parisian-based Abbey Bookshop is pushing forward with its plans for an official boycott against the online retail giant.

In conjunction with its 25th anniversary, the Canadian bookshop created "The Pledge of Independents", which calls for people not to buy books from Amazon or any of their associated branches (posted in full detail on their Facebook page):

Taking the “Pledge of Independents” means spurning books from Amazon or its affiliates, and preferring independent bookshops over other suppliers. In return, customers will receive from the bookshop the maximum allowable discount on book purchases (5%), other concessions, and assistance in finding alternatives to Amazon.

More than 60 people have already taken the pledge. Following the initiative, support for the campaign from across the Atlantic was also voiced, including the Clinton Book Shop in New Jersey.

Each person who takes the vow against buying books from Amazon receives an official membership card. Though making such a promise could bring negative consequences in online sales, members of the movement are committed to the oath's message for "the defense of diversity and fair practices in the book trade".  

This post is a partial translation from an article in French published in Livres Hebdo.

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