Pierre Lemaître, 2013 Prix Goncourt-winning author

September 22, 2015 | By FRENCH CULTURE BOSTON

Pierre Lemaître, French author and playwright, was born in Paris in 1951.  Before becoming a full-time author, he taught French and American culture and literature to librarians, and was over 50 years old when he published his first novel.

In 2006, he published Travail soigné, which won the prize for best novel at the Festival of Cognac.  His second novel, Robe de marié (2009), received several awards in Francophone spheres, and his third novel Cadres noirs (2010) was recognized more widely in European spheres.  In 2011, 2012, and 2013, he published Alex, Sacrifices, and Rosy et John as part of his Verhœven series, which received public and critical recognition worldwide.

His most recent novel, Au revoir là-haut, received the Prix Goncourt in 2013, as well as the literary Grand Prize of the French Academy. The novel centers around two ex-soldiers in World War I who struggle to find their place in society after returning to Paris from the war.

The details - in French - of his conference at Wellesley College on September 29th are available here. Please find here more information about his conference in Brown University on September 30th.

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