"Shoot the Book!" during the Cannes film festival


May 2014 saw the first edition of Shoot the Book!, a literary and cinema event organized by Scelf (Société Civile des Editeurs de Langue Française), MOTif (Conservatoire du livre et de l’écrit), and the Île-de-France film commission, with the support of CNL.

The event gathered one hundred cinema professionals to listen to ten representatives of French publishing houses, presenting books that they would like to market to international producers and directors. Isabelle Fauvel, founder of Initiative Films, gave the floor to eleven noteworthy novels, thrillers, mystery novels, biographies, and comic-books. The representatives owned the stage for an hour during which prestigious and oscarised film adaptations of French books were brought up, along with literary awards. La Vie d’Adèle, last years’ Palme d’Or award winner, was discussed in detail, because of its huge box office success and the fact that it was adapted from a just as renowned comic-book, Le Bleu est une couleur chaude, by Julie Maroh.

The representatives were coached to give short and dynamic presentations in English, which seems to have been much appreciated by the international professional audience. A cocktail party was held after the convention to meet, talk, and exchange business cards, champagne in hand.

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