Antoine Volodine

(Updated on 11/02/2012)

A French novelist and translator, Jean Desvignes aka Antoine Volodine studied literature and taught Russian for 15 years before dedicating his work to writing and translating in 1987. His novel Rituel du mépris [A Disdain Ritual] (Denoël, June 1986) won the French Science Fiction Prize in 1987 and Minor Angels won the Prix du Livre Inter 2000 and the Wepler Prize in 1999. He translated the works of the Strougatski brothers, Victoria Tokareva, Alexander Ikonnikov, and Maria Soudaïeva from Russian to French. However, some suspect the latter might be just another pseudonym. Indeed, Volodine writes under numerous pseudonyms such as Lutz Bassmann, Elli

Kronauer, and Manuela Draeger. All these writers describe themselves as post-exotic writers.