Bruce Bégout

(Updated on 11/16/2012)

Philosopher Bruce Bégout is also the author of several works of fiction. A professor at the University of Bordeaux, he has written several essays on urbanism and on the ordinary. His work falls within the tradition of phenomenology. A specialist on Edmund Husserl, Bégout concentrates on the exploration of the urban, ordinary, and everyday life. Several of his books are linked to America, its suburbs and the standardization of our existence. His latest work: Common Place: The American Motel (Otis books / Seismicity Editions, 2010; translated by Colin Keaveney) explores the motel experience, which contains in itself the new/contemporary forms of urban life: marginality, poverty, wandering, uniformity, mobility, standardisation, de-socialisation, de-personalization, mistrust, and anonymity.