Christian Salmon

(Updated on 11/16/2012)

Christian Salmon was born in Marseille in 1951. He is a writer and researcher at the Center for Research for the Arts and Language at the CNRS in Paris. After being a literary critic for the daily newspaper Libération, he founded the International Parliament of Writers (a Brussels-based organization working for creative freedom and protected working environments for writers around the world), where he was President from 1993 to 2003, and for which he edits the journal Autodafe. Salmon is the author of several works, including Tombeau de la fiction, Devenir minoritaire and Verbicide. He writes a regular column for Le Monde. In his most recent book, Christian Salmon uncovers the secrets of the “storytelling machine” adopted by the communications industry, which is proving more effective than all the Orwellian yarns of totalitarian regimes.