Eric Hazan

(Updated on 11/02/2012)

Eric Hazan is an editor, translator, and the founder-director of the independent publishing house La Fabrique. Hazan was born in Paris in 1936. In 1970, he helped form the Franco-Palestinian Medical Association and served as a volunteer doctor in a refugee camp outside Beirut. In the eighties, he took over his father’s art house, Éditions Hazan, but after a deal with Hachette, he decided, in 1998, to set up the publishing house La Fabrique. Eric Hazan, ‘esprit libre’, still lives in Paris. He presented in spring 2010 the translation of his book L’Invention de Paris (2002), published by Verso. He is also the author of Chronique de la guerre civile (2004) and Changement de Propriétaire: La guerre civile continue (2007).