Jean-Christophe Bailly

(Updated on 11/02/2012)

Jean-Christophe Bailly, Ph.D., is a French writer, poet and playwright. He was born in Paris on May 3, 1949. Bailly is also an art historian specializing in visual arts, especially paintings, as well as a director of collections and a teacher. He has taught the history of the formation of landscapes at the ENSNP (l'École nationale supérieure de la nature et du paysage) or in English the “National Superior School of Nature and Landscape” in Blois, in France since 2011. Bailly has edited Les Cahier de l’École de Blois (“The Journal of the School of Blois”) since 2003. He is a professor at the European Graduate School where he teaches an intensive summer seminar. Professor Jean-Christophe Bailly is famous for having said that “Les metteurs en scène passent. Les auteurs restent.” (“Directors fade. Authors remain”).