Léonora Miano

(Updated on 07/17/2014)

Léonora Miano was born in 1973 in Douala. She spent her childhood and adolescence in Cameroon. In 1991 she came to France where she now lives. She studied Anglo-American literature, first at Valenciennes and later at Nanterre. She has published novels and two volumes of short stories: L'intérieur de la nuit (2005), Contours du jour qui vient (2006), Tels des astres éteints (2008) and Les aubes écarlates (2009). Her work has been well received by critics and she has won several literary awards : the Louis Guilloux Prize 2006; the Montalembert Prize 2006; the René Fallet Prize 2006; the Bernard Palissy Prize 2006. L'Intérieur de la nuit was judged by the magazine Lire as the best "first novel", written in French, for the year 2005 and Contours du jour qui vient was awarded the Prix Goncourt des lycéens 2006. The translation of L'Intérieur de la nuit, a French Voices recipient, was publihsed by the university of Nebraska Press in 2010 under the title Dark Heart of the Night.