Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean-Marc Ayrault Visits the Cultural Services & Albertine Books

On June 9, 2016, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development Jean-Marc Ayrault visited the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in New York on the occasion of the Franco-American Children’s Book Publishers Conference, presented by the International Bureau of French Publishing (Bureau International des Editeurs Français).
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Antoine Volodine

October 11-18, 2016

Antoine Volodine is the principal pseudonym of a French novelist, born in 1950 in Chalon-sur-Saône and raised in Lyon, who has published twenty books under this name, several of which are available in English translati

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Nostalgia: When Are We Ever at Home?

Moving from Homer’s and Virgil’s foundational accounts of nostalgia to the exilic writings of Hannah Arendt, Barbara Cassin revisits the dangerous implications of nostalgia for land and homeland, thinking them anew through questions of exile and language.
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Marie-Hélène/Sam Bourcier

November 5-17, 2016
Marie-Hélène/Sam Bourcier is a queer activist and theorist. He teaches cultural studies, queer and gender studies at the University of Lille. He is the author of the "Queer Zones trilogy: Queer Zones 1, Politique des identités sexuelles et des savors" (2001), "Queer Zones 2, Sexpolitiques" (2005), "Queer Zones 3, Identités, Cultures, Politiques" (2011) and "Comprendre le féminisme" (2012). His "Homo Inc : The Triangle and the Unicorn" is forthcoming.

French Voices Grantees Seeking American Publishers

The French Voices Award honors both translators and American publishers for their work with the goal of creating a series of U.S.-published books representing the very best of contemporary French writing in every field. We believe that all 10 award winners currently looking for a home have the potential to touch American readers.
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Vinciane Despret

October 29-November 8, 2016
Vinciane Despret grew up Belgium, where she is now professor of philosophy at the University of Liège. Her body of work is at the intersection of ethology and human psychology, and she is interested in the political consequences of our theoretical choices. A fundamental thinker in the field of animal studies, she has won multiple awards, including the Prix des Humanités Scientifiques granted by Sciences Po and the Prix du Fonds international Wernaers.

French Books USA: Week in Review

Prix Littérature-monde awarded to Haitian Makenzy Orcel and Angolan Ondjaki at Étonnants Voyageurs, the Saint-Malo International Literature and Film Festival; How to Talk About Places You’ve Never Been; The Style of Max de Radiguès; Antoine Volodine’s Bardo or Not Bardo; Ladivine Reviews Abound
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The gorgeous, haunting, and ultimately redemptive bestselling French novel, recounting the tragic life of artistic visionary Charlotte Salomon, who died in Nazi gas chambers at the age of 26.
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Ananda Devi

September 16-30, 2016

Ananda Devi is a novelist and scholar born in Trois-Boutiques, Mauritius in 1957. She has lived in Ferney-Voltaire, France (near Geneva) since 1989, after having spent some years in Congo-Brazzaville.


Translated Titles 2015

Thanks to the invaluable help of 1100 of our contacts in publishing, we have built a near-complete list of 2015’s titles in translation from the French, of which, as far as we're aware, there is no equivalent. The fact that this list is not exhaustive serves to show the sheer volume of titles published.
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Leon the Raccoon Discovers the World

Will leaving the city change Leon's life forever? Get ready for an adventure!