The Art of Laziness

Lackadaisical, carefree, dallying, indolent and idle desires run (or rather trudge) wild in this week’s summer reads selection.

A New Era of French Novels: The Inculte Collective

Thanks to Inculte’s work for the last decade, hybrid forms of literature, such as “documentary” novels have breathed new life into French novels.

Chilling Crime Fiction & Mystery Novels

If you thought detective stories were invented in the US, then think twice. The French also have talented writers who know all about schemes and mystery, and we did some plotting of our own…

Audio Boom: Musical Titles & Audiobooks

From our ancestral oral storytelling roots to the now-all-written world, we return to our traditions to listen once again to the deep voices of international griots narrating great stories…on audiobooks.

14th of July: Revolution Day

Rather than eating “cake” on Bastille day (as Marie-Antoinette would say), enjoy these saucy titles by some of our most gripping writers, who either made history or played with it.

Parisian Bookshop Boycotts Amazon

Just a few weeks after France passed the notorious "anti-Amazon" law, the Parisian-based Abbey Bookshop is pushing forward with its plans for an official boycott against the online retail giant with "The Pledge of Independents".
authors on tour

Lola Lafon

October 13-26 2014
US tour
Lola Lafon, with a French, Russian and Polish background, was raised in the equally diverse cities of Bucharest, Sofia and Paris. Her first three novels tackle several ideological themes such as capitalism, antifascism, utopia or feminism. Lola Lafon is politically engaged in several collectives, addressing feminist questions and concerns, among others.
new titles

Sleep Tight, Anna Banana!

Anna Banana can't settle down tonight, even though her stuffed animal friends are tired and just want to sleep. They suffer through delay after delay and excuse after excuse, until Anna Banana is finally sleepy. And then . . . it's time for their revenge! Anna Banana is about to get a taste of her own medicine.

French Fiction Fridays #18

The last French Fiction Fridays for the summer deals with growing pains. Faïza Guène draws portraits of characters afraid of the ticking clock and social constraints keeping them from growing up as who they aspire to become. Lola Lafon's fairy-like gymnast Nadia Comaneci is petrified at the idea of having to grow up and destroying the myth she has become. Time-flying phobics, be warned!

Khan's L'Echarde, Lenoir's Le Christ philosophe and Caraës' Images de pensée

Jeremy Mercer has, as he calls it, "that gleam" in the eye for several translation babies. On his dream list for My French Library: Madeleine Kahn's L'Echarde, awarded the Prix Littré in 2001 (Editions des Ecrivains); Frédéric Lenoir’s Le Christ philosophe (Points, 2014); and Images de Pensée co-authored by Marie-Haude Caraës and Nicole Marchand-Zanartu (RMN, 2011).

Award-Winning French Novels

With only 1% of fiction in translation in the U.S., quite a few books (not only French) remain unknown to the American audience. We decided to compile an extensive list of the latest award-winning French fiction and non-fiction books to be one day (hopefully soon) translated by American publishers.