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Lionel Ruffel

Jan. 22 - Feb 4, 2018

French Books USA: Week in Review

Remembering poet John Ashbery, Alex Christofi draws inspiration from Les Trentes Glorieuses, Jill Schoolman awarded at WBB Gala and Globe Trot, nominations for the Prix Goncourt, Prix Renaudot, and Kirkus Prize announced, Siglio Press titles get rave reviews!
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Google Me: One-Click Democracy

Google is a champion of cultural democracy, but without culture and without democracy.
authors on tour

Juliette Volcler

January 25-30, 2018
Juliette Volcler is an independent researcher and sound curator. She is the author of two essays, "Extremely Loud: Sound as a Weapon" (The New Press, 2013) and "Contrôle: Comment s'inventa l'art de la manipulation sonore" (La Découverte / La rue musicale, 2017). She is the co-editor of, a website dedicated to radio and sound art critique.
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A Story of Men

The creator of Titeuf publishes his last book in the US: A Story of Men!
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Such Fine Boys

Nobel laureate Patrick Modiano’s spellbinding tale of adolescent schoolmates and the vicissitudes of fate
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The Table

Written from 1967 to 1973 over a series of early mornings in seclusion in his country home, The Table offers a final chapter in Francis Ponge's interrogation of the unassuming objects in his life: in this case, the table upon which he wrote.
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The Department of Missing Persons

A startling debut novel about the burden of Holocaust memory and the implacable zest for life.

Summer Reads - Kids

What should you be reading this summer? No matter where you’re vacationing, and relaxing, or commuting this summer it is always nice to have a book in your hand.