A Night Walk in Marseille

April 9, 2014 | By French Culture

Now you can take a night stroll through Marseille without leaving home. Google has teamed up with Radio Grenouille and Amsterdam-based 72 and Sunny to create a virtual tour of Cours Julien, a neighborhood in Marseille known for its street art and nightlife.

The tour uses Google Street View to guide you on an immersive walk through the winding streets. You can stop to look at art, take in a casual soccer game, watch an impromptu concert, or set off down an interesting alley. Your guides are Julie de Muer and Christophe Perucci, who narrate your walk through the neighborhood. They are part of Promenades Sonores, a project by Radio Grenouille to create audio walking tours of Marseille.  

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Learn about Promenades Sonores:

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