The French-American Digital Lab is a new interdisciplinary exchange program created by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in New York and co-produced with Business France within the framework of French Tech New York City. This program aims to stimulate creative and business partnerships between cultural innovators in France and the US. The first session takes place in New York and is open to French candidates. The second session will be in Paris and opened to American candidates.

Focusing on training, research, and product development, the French-American Digital Lab is a program for creative development in the cultural industry. Its objective is to help content creators and early stage startups adapt their products to French and American markets,  discover the local startup ecosystems in the cultural sector, and develop relationships with cultural partners. It targets start-up companies in the cultural field and content creators that wish to explore the potential of their products in an international creative ecosystem. 

The French-American Digital Lab’s intensive, ten-day program consists of meetings, seminars, and creative collaboration sessions for cultural startups and content creators. Seminars will examine the question of how to adapt a product to new cultural and economic contexts.  During collaboration sessions, participants will take part in themed workshops examining the numerous challenges facing technological innovators from all backgrounds. These sessions will push participants to re-examine the core of their idea, and to re-envision that idea’s potential. Participants who complete the ten-day program will learn to look at their projects with fresh eyes.

In addition to seminars and creative collaboration sessions, participants will benefit from individual mentorship. They will have the opportunity to work with their mentors over the course of numerous creative sessions with the goal of helping participants develop their connections to prominent cultural institutions such as museums, operas, television channels, film and music producers, publishing houses, and music labels.

The French-American Digital Lab is made possible by renowned French incubators Gaîté Lyrique/Créatis, Numa, Paris&Co, and hosted by the Made in NY Media Center by IFP in New York. Orange and the City of Paris also support the initiative. The objectives of the French-American Digital Lab are to:

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