The French-American Digital Lab aims to help startups and content creators develop their products in the culture and art sectors. Products may or may not be primarily tech-based, but must be situated in the digital field. Startups should pursue one of the following goals:

- Work toward intercultural adaptation of the product

- Establish their company in the USA in the next 12 to 36 months

- Your product must combine cultural content with digital media (though it may not be primarily tech-based)
- Your product must be connected to one of the French-American Digital Lab’s two 2016 themes: Storytelling & Virtual Reality or Fashion & Design
- Your priority must be international development within the next 12 to 36 months
- You must have identified potential partners in New York
- You must be in the seed stage or early stage of your development as a company
- Your company must be incorporated in France, and currently conducts business there
- You must speak fluent business English

Covered costs (for 2 participants per project) of the French-American Digital Lab include:
- Personalized meetings organized by the Cultural Services
- Individualized sessions with expert mentors
- Workshop participation
- Admission to networking and cultural events

Participants are responsible for their own lodging, dining and transportation.