Selected by a jury of experts, 10 French start-ups will go to New York and 10 American start-ups will travel to Paris for an intensive 10-day exchange program of workshops, conferences, off-site seminars in leading tech and cultural companies, networking events, and one-on-one product development brainstorming sessions with specialists in the field.

The core course will focus on the discovery of the local ecosystem and how to adapt a product to a new cultural environment, while the specialized tracks will offer strategic insights in either storytelling and virtual reality, or fashion and design. Once the 10-day program is completed, content creators and startups will have learned to adapt their products to the French or American market, discovered the local startup ecosystem in the cultural sector, and developed relationships with cultural partners.

Co-organized by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in New York and Business France, the French-American Digital Lab leverages the complementary networks of these leading institutions to strengthen the program’s offerings:

- The Cultural Services provides access to a large network of cultural organizations, including media institutions, museums, publishers, and music labels to enrich the cultural content of their work.

- Business France provides strong expertise in business development in both countries.

The French-American Digital Lab Session 2: New York incorporates sessions on the following topics:

Techniques for expansion in the U.S.
Business France, the French agency charged with the international development of French enterprise, will present practical information to help you envision your company’s growth in the U.S. over the next 12 to 36 months.

New methods for conceptualizing your product
This workshop will offer participants an opportunity to gain insight into American consumers. Participants will produce conceptual prototypes adapted for American consumers using original design-thinking strategies.

Adapting your marketing strategy for American consumers
The American market for cultural-industry products has a unique structure, which entrepreneurs must master in order to successfully develop businesses in that country. StrategyHack has created a particular methodology to help participants define their marketing objectives and strategy so as to meet this challenge.

Storytelling and VR path: What distinguishes narrative techniques in the U.S.? Participants will have the opportunity to learn from leading authorities on the subject.

Fashion & Design path: Guided by seasoned experts, participants will explore the multiple up-and-coming modes of creation in Fashion and Design that have emerged thanks to the advent of dramatically new technologies.

Visits with businesses and consulting with experts
Throughout the course of the program, several off-site sessions will be organized at iconic New York tech companies, cultural institutions or designer’s studios. Professionals will discuss current trends and challenges in their field and give feedback to the participants on their products.

Individual meetings 

Many of the program’s timeslots are dedicated to individual meetings with institutions and major companies from the cultural sector, for product development brainstorming sessions and the possibility to develop lasting partnerships.