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Cocteau's classics at Anthology

Image: "The Beauty and The Beast" directed by Jean Cocteau

As part of its Essential Cinema Repertory collection, Anthology Film Archives casts light on the works of French filmmaker Jean Cocteau with the screenings of 4 classics.

“Jean Cocteau’s first full-length movie is perhaps the most sensuously elegant of all filmed fairy tales. As a child escapes from everyday daily life to the magic of a storybook, so, in the film, Beauty’s farm, with its Vermeer simplicity, fades in intensity as we are caught up in the Gustave Doré extravagance of the Beast’s enchanted landscape. In Christian Bérard’s makeup, Jean Marais is a magnificent Beast.” – Pauline Kael, about The Beauty and The Beast. 


The Blood of a Poet 
Directed by Jean Cocteau 
Year: 1930
Runtime: 53 mins 
> August 17 - 4:45pm

Directed by Jean Cocteau 
Year: 1950
Runtime: 95 mins
> August 17 - 6:15pm; August 18 - 6:15pm 

The Beauty and The Beast 
Directed by Jean Cocteau 
Year: 1946
Runtime: 95 mins
> August 17 - 8:30pm, August 18 - 4:00pm

The Testament of Orpheus 
Directed by Jean Cocteau 
Year: 1959
Runtime: 83 mins
> August 18 - 8:30pm