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Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz: Upcoming Events

This November, Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz presents the stylings of Not Quite Midnight by CAS Public, a Quebec dance group well known for their contributions to the international contemporary dance movement, and the Yuval Ron Ensemble, led by Academy Award-winning composer (West Bank Story) and oud player, Yuval Ron.

On November 8, choreographer Hélène Blackburn’s work takes the audience through a performance of both past and present, utilizing popular narratives of fiction, such as Cinderella and the stories of the Brothers Grimm, and opera to create her contemporary masterpiece. Six dancers, who help construct this tale of fantasy and wonder, plunge the audience into a world of brilliance, offering a new wave of enchantment by this masterpiece’s lyric and poetic power. The performance highlights our own collective imagination, guiding us through a world of creativity.

Not Quite Midnight is in coproduction with Agora de la danse, Alma SPECTACLES and Theatro Cucinelli of Solomeo. It’s creative residency has been established at l’Agora de la danse, Maison de la culture Frontenac, Maison de la culture Mercier, University of Kent and Teatro Cucinelli of Solomeo.

Then, on November 21 Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz welcomes The Yuval Ron Ensemble, a group which endeavors to bridge the divides between national, racial, religious and cultural differences. Since the group’s formation in 1999, the Yuval Ron Ensemble  has aimed to unite the world through a spiritual and inspiring musical celebration, combining the forms of Jewish, Christian and Sufi music of the middle east.

The performance will feature artists Qawwali singer Sukhawat Ali Khan, Arabic vocalist Najwa Gibran, percussionist Jamie Papish and, duduk and woodwind player Leo Chelyapov.

The Yuval Ron Ensemble Cd’s “Under The Olive Tree,” “Tree of Life”, “Seeker of Truth,” and "Unity of the Heart" have become international favorites with world music lovers and has been featured on National Public Radio’s “Echoes” and “Hearts of Space” programs.