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Le Syndrome du Banc de Touche at LFSF Theatre

"Le Syndrome du Banc de Touche" is a monologue on stage, drawing parallels between substitute soccer players and non-working actors.
Number 10, a 30-year-old actress, is in a crisis of legitimacy. She comes to consider the figure of Aimé Jacquet, the iconic coach who led France to its first World Cup victory in 1998, furthermore on its own soil, as a salutary model. This young woman, destined by many to remain on the bench, will finally decide to grant herself the status of starter!

The question here is, what is the beauty of failure in a society where performance, competition and success are given to us as the only valid guidelines? However, there is a good chance that success can also be achieved by experiencing failure...
The sideline syndrome is a declaration of love for the lose and all those moments of defeat that push us every day to become the person we should be.

This play, authored and acted by Léa Girardin, directed by Julie Bertin, offers a new angle to analyze failure in our society, and has been praised by the french critic!