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Carribbean Voices at Miami Book Fair

The Miami Book Fair International, (Nov 17-24) founded by Miami Dade College and community partners, in 1984, and has been recognized as one of the largest literary festival. As part of their ReadCaribbean Program, we are happy to introduce you to the Caribbean Voices: Rising Tides panel. It seeks to explore the aesthetics of Caribbean fiction by delving into conversations on the ways that the homeland of origin exerts emotional, cultural, spiritual, and imaginative influences both on the individual and collective consciousness. To that end, four francophone authors were invited: Ernest Pepin, Dominique Lancastre, Yamile Stitt, and Lyonel Trouillot. They will combine brief readings from their works and discuss the rising tides in new Caribbean literary narratives. The panel is moderated by Jean-Jacques Garnier, the Cultural Attaché of the French Embassy, office of Miami, Sunday, Nov 24 at 3pm.

About the authors:
Lyonel Trouillot is a Haitian novelist, poet, journalist, and professor of literature. At an early age, he became fascinated with literature and contributed poetry and critical texts to various newspapers and periodicals in Haiti and the diaspora. He wrote the lyrics to many of the songs by Tambou Libète, Manno Charlemagne, Toto Bissainthe, Jean Coulanges and Atis Endepandan. A journalist and literature professor, he co-founded the periodicals LakansyèlTèm and Langaj. Lyonel Trouillot is currently a member of the editorial board of the magazine Cahiers du Vendredi and the co-director of the anthology that bears the same name. He is the author of 11 novels, two essays and a book of poetry.

Ernest Pépin was born in Lamentin (Guadeloupe) in 1950. After teaching French for some time, he served as director of cultural affairs at the General Council of Guadeloupe. Now retired, he dedicates his time to his writing career.

Dominique Lancastre is from Vieux-Habitants in Guadeloupe. He majored in American Studies and wrote his master's thesis about educational inequality in the U.S. Then, he studied Chinese and Japanese in Paris and served as an English teacher in severale schools in Paris. In January of 2015 he founded the multicultural magazine www.pluton-magazine.com.  He is the author of La Véranda, Retour à la Grivelière, Une Femme chambardée, and Tambours du silence (forthcoming in 2019). He contributes to collective works such as Nouvelles des Mondes Créoles under the direction of Raphael Confiant with authors like Dany Laferrière.

Yamile Stitt was born in Port-au-Prince, and studied abroad, in Europe and the United States. She returned to the islands for a while - Haiti and the Dominican Republic - but Florida has been “home” to her and her family for decades. She is the author of Memories in Technicolor, a coming-of-age novel set against the colorful backdrop of tumultuous and profound times on the world stage.

The participation of Lyonel Trouillot in the ReadCaribbean Program of the Miami Book Fair International is made possible with the support of the French Embassy Cultural Services.