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Special Screening of Teo Hernandez’s Salomé with Live Score from Darian Wood!

The LA Film Forum and Dirty Looks brings you Salomé in 2019 with an original soundtrack performed by Dorian Wood, marrying the operatic evocations of Wood's singular voice with Hernandez’s baroque cinematography in the unique, Mayan-inspired architecture of the Philosophical Research Society.

Hernandez’s reworking of Oscar Wilde’s Salomé is impressionistic, moving over the surface of fabrics and architecture with as much care as it weaves its story arc. The film was initially projected at varying speeds, with differing soundtracks provided by the filmmaker, who requested that it be shown late in the evening, to best induce its dream-like trance upon audiences. 

Salomé (1976)
Directed by: Téo Hernandez
Cast: Monica Carpiaux, Michel Nedjar, Carlos Palacio
Language: French
Runtime: 65 minutes