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Weapons of the Spirit

"Weapons of the Spirit"

Weapons of the Spirit recounts the saga of the Christian villagers of the area of Le Chambon, France, during the Holocaust—the mountain Huguenot community that provided the most dense, long-lasting and successful haven of refuge anywhere in Nazi-occupied Europe. In and around that one village in occupied France, some 5,000 Jews were sheltered―by some 5,000 Christians! This is a story veteran documentary filmmaker Pierre Sauvage was born to tell: born and protected in Le Chambon-sur-Lignon, he returned just in time to probe the event with the help of those—Christians and Jews—who lived it.  

Originally released in 1989, the film received uniformly rave reviews, a dozen awards, and theatrical bookings in over fifty markets (seven weeks in New York, Los Angeles, etc.). Weapons of the Spirit will soon be available again, for streaming as well as on DVD and on Blu-ray—in a newly remastered, wide-screen, high-definition 30th-anniversary edition.  

Thursday, March 5, 5pm at The Museum of Jewish Heritage, with Pierre Sauvage.

The sneak preview of the remastered 30th anniversary edition is part of the two-day conference "Jewish Survival And Rescue In Occupied France".