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French author, Lewis Trondheim, at Comic Con

From July 20th - 23d, French author and cartoonist Lewis Trondheim will be at Comic-Con International San Diego with his wife Brigitte Findakly, debuting their new graphic novel, Poppies of Iraq. The graphic novel is co-written and co-drawn by the couple and is a nuanced, tender story of Findakly's relationship with her homeland of Iraq. 

After the oppressive regime in Iraq becomes too much for them to bear, Findakly's family fled to Paris. Poppies of Iraq tells the intimate story of their journey through Findakly's memories and addresses cultural practices, the education system, Saddam Husein's state control and her family's history as Orthodox Christians in the Arab world. A family portrait of loss, tragedy, love and the loneliness of exile, the novel shows how one can be estranged from their homeland yet still feel intimately connected to it. 

Acclaimed author, Lewis Trondheim was born in Fontainebleau, France and has a number of works translated into English, including Approximate Continuum Comics, Ralph Azham, Dungeon (with Joann Sfar) and A.L.I.E.E.E.N. He is also co-founder of the legendary comic house L'Association, as well as co-founder of L'OuBaPo. His wife, Brigitte Findakly, was born in Mosul, Iraq and has worked as a colorist with Disney and Spirou, as well as on various graphic novels. 

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