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"Order & Chaos" at OCCCA

"Order & Chaos," an exhibition featuring the work of Annie Clavel and Miguel Osuna, will be at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art from September 2nd to 23rd. The exhibition will explore the relationship between order and chaos through the differing perspectives of the two artists. 

Panic on Wall Street, a traffic jam at noon, blizzards in August, insanity in Washington. Is this order or chaos? Intricately related, this exhibition investigates the rapport between order and chaos. The slightest change to an orderly system can produce unanticipated, large-scale effects and, in some cases, the butterfly effect and ensuing chaos. But, according to the Chaos Theory, this may all be a pattern. This theory claims that underlying the apparent randomness of chaotic systems are repetitions, self-organizations and fractals - all patterns in different scales. A branch of mathematics that has been utilized in sectors such as weather, traffic, economics, physics, biology, computer science and art, the Chaos Theory is present in much of our everyday life.

French artist and mathematician Annie Clavel derives her work from mathematical concepts. Organized in terms of colors, shapes, light and movement, her work demonstrates the underlying order in chaos through patterns of thoughts, emotions and stories. Clavel has a masters in mathematics and computer science and is a member of the OCCCA. 

Approaching this concept from an intuitive perspective, Mexican artist, Miguel Osuna creates order out of chaos. Apparent in his process, tool selection and final execution, Osuna's training as an architect before the computer age has a large impact on his work and notion of this theory.

Opening reception: September 2nd, 6 to 10 pm
Talk and closing reception: September 23rd, 2 to 4 pm (lead by Jill Moniz)