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The French Minister Embassy of France - La Maison Française 4101 Reservoir Road, NW - Washington, DC

Dwan Gallery coming to the LACMA

One of newest exhibitions at LACMA, Los Angeles to New York: Dwan Gallery, 1959 - 1971 is a narrated history of the notable Dwan Gallery, whose origins trace back to the postwar period in the U.S. The dealer and patron behind the infamous art space, Virginia Dwan, founded his gallery in a storefront in Westwood in 1959. Quickly, the Dwan Gallery rose to become the greatest avant-garde phenomenon throughout the 1960s, presenting phenomenal exhibitions by pivotal figures such as Edward Klenholz, Yves Klein, Franz Kline, Claes Oldenburg, Robert Rauschenberg, Ad Reinhardt, and Robert Smithson. 

Especially interested in French art, Dwan created a number of shows of the Nouveau Réalistes in the U.S. Attracted by the rise of Minimal Art, Land Art, and Conceptual Art, Dwan finds herself in 1965 in New York becoming patron to several earthworks and sponsoring several products.

This upcoming exhibition at LACMA illustrates Dwan’s influence in the international art work that has thus far received little acclaim. A grand ensemble of mediums, the show features a number of paintings, sculpture, films, and drawings by several artists with the purpose of reexamining the major influence in artistic history that Dwan has had, particularly during the later half of the 1950s.