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Jun 20
Double Lover The Avalon Theatre 5612 Connecticut Avenue NW Washington, DC 20015
Jun 20
Yann Tiersen The Theatre at Ace Hotel 929 S Broadway Downtown Los Angeles, CA 90015
Jun 3
Serge Bromberg's Tour : Méliès Discoveries & Other Rarities Film Society Lincoln Center Walter Reade Theater 165 W 65th St, New York, NY 10023

Opus 14 by Kader Attou at the New York City Center

Kader Attou's Opus 14 is a new dance event performed by 16 incredibly gifted hip-hop dancers who are defined by their power, otherness, and commitment. "Here Attou gives us a retrospective of what nourished his childhood, his longing for other places, and draws a comparison between his own life and his roots." (Figaroscope, FR)

Kader Attou, Erix Mezino, Chaouki Saïd, Mourad Merzouki, and Lionel Fredoc founded Compagnie Accrorap in Saint-Priest in 1989 with the aim of creating new work based on acrobatics and street dance. From the association of artists of those early days to the emergence of unique choreographers, the chief characteristic of Accrorap's work has been its open-mindedness: open to the world through journeys conceived as a succession of moments shared with other cultures, open to other artistic forms and to other artistic movements. To come up with his unique style, Kader Attou has developped a combination of hip hop, circus, contemporary dance, and graphic arts. Hey works include: Prière pour un fou (1999), Anokha (2000), Pourquoi pas (2002), Douar (2003), Les corps étrangers (2006), Petites histoires.com (2008), Trio (?) (2010), SymfoniaPiésniZałosnych (2010), The Roots (2013), Un break à Mozart (2014), and Opus 14 (2014). Since 1989, Compagnie Accrorap and Kader Attou have been practicing open, generous dance forms that constantly strive to break down barriers and cross frontiers. Accrorap's work tells the story of an international collective adventure: the concept of encounters is at the center of the compagny's approach, enriched by its journeys to Palestine, Algeria, Brazil, Cuba, and elsewhere.

Part of Kids Trail, a cultural program dedicated to children and families.