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Taking Shape: Degas as Sculptor

“Taking Shape: Degas as Sculptor” will be on display at the Norton Simon Museum starting this fall! Edgar Degas was a French painter from Paris who was also famously known for his impressionist paintings such as “The Dance Class” and “Musicians in the Orchestra.”

Unbeknowst to most people, Degas was also a talented sculptor, but only exhibited one sculpture during his lifetime, called Little Dancer, Aged Fourteen. However, Degas actually created hundreds of small sculptors of horses, dancers, and bathers that were only seen by close friends and visitors during his lifetime.

The exhibit will allow you to discover this exclusive collection and showcase 74 out of 150 of Degas’ small sculptures. Degas’ sculptures were modeled in clay, wax, and plaster around handmade wire armatures, but for the exhibit, 74 of these sculptural models were cast in bronze for their display. The pieces will be presented alongside related pictures from the Norton Simon’s collection,to highlight the similarities and common themes behind Degas’ paintings, sculptures and drawings.