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Ballaké Sissoko and Vincent Segal

Ballake Sissoko and Vincent Segal playing together

Enjoy an evening full of both African and European musical tradition with Malian Kora master, Ballaké Sissoko and French cellist, Vicent Segal, at the Temple Israel of Hollywood on November 1st, presented by the Angelino festival Grand Performances.

Ballaké Sissoko is a well renowned Kora player (Malian harp with 21 strings). Thank to his father, Sissoko was introduced to traditional Malian music early on and began playing the Kora. Sissoko began working with Segal in 2009 when they released a record called, Chamber Music.

Vincent Segal is a French celloist and bassist from Reims, France. He is a graduate of the National Music Academy of Lyon and the Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada. He is known for making unique collaborations with other musicians who specialize in different genres than his, just like Sissoko. Segal has worked on other unusual projects with Steve Nieve, a punk rock/new-wave musician, and Tyro, a French reggae band, to name a few.

Performing together, these two musicians will present songs from their album, Musique de Nuit, which celebrates West African troubadour songs and European Baroque music by combining both genres into their own unique musical tradition. Get your tickets soon!