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Marc Dilet: Trans-Positions

Gathered in this exhibition, Marc Dilet's drawings focus on his unique visual and emotional perspectives on Athens, Chicago, Hamburg, Kyoto, London, Montréal, Oslo, Québec, Paris, Tokyo, Zurich, and other cities that he has visited or inhabited. The drawings engage the continuity of the urban condition and contrast the particularities of each location. Every city has a unique identity established by its topography - lakes, rivers, islands, bays, mountains - in discourse with the history of its built response to these features - skyscrapers, landmarks, boulevards, parks - all while keeping in mind the Chicago motto Urbs in horto, Marc's point of view is from above, presenting each cityscape as an expansive urban field, a human construct in a landscape. This personal vision of cities' contrasting souls in homage to their multiplicity and allure presents unique characters that create fascination, anger, joy, and wonder through a mixture of chaotic forms and hidden orders.

A French architect based in Paris, Marc Dilet earned a master’s degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, where he studied with Thomas H. Beeby while doing research at the University of Tokyo with Fumihiko Maki. His architectural practice includes both private and public projects such as cultural facilities, kindergartens and public housing. He teaches architectural design at Paris Val-de-Seine National School of Architecture.