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Jean-Claude Risset Tribute at UCI

Join University of California Irvine (UCI) music professors as they perform a concert to commemorate the famous French composer, Jean-Claude Risset, at Winifred Smith Hall (UCI).

The concert will be performed by UCI professors, Mari Kimura (violinist), Christopher Dobrian (composer), Yihui Liu (piano), and Jared Davenport (percussion). It will be followed by a discussion about Risset’s work as a computer music pioneer. This event celebrates the life of Jean-Claude Risset who passed away one year ago in Marseille, France.

Best known for his innovative achievements in composing music with computer technology, Risset, along with former co-worker Max Matthews, created MUSIC IV, one of the first softwares to digitally recreate the sounds of musical instruments, specifically brass instruments. Due to his accomplishments which catapulted musical composition into a new electronic era, Risset received numerous prizes and honors, including Prix National de la Musique (1990) and the Gold Medal of the CNRS (1999). Risset's computer generated compostions are clear predecessors to modern electronic music as they are compiled with entrancing and mystifying tones and beats.

Learn more about this French composer’s magnificent work at UCI’s concert and discussion session! This is an event that should not be missed!