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Le Destin Des Châteaux Croisés

Air de Paris, a Paris-based contemporary art gallery is bringing a new exhibit to Château Shatto in Los Angeles, opening January 26. The exhibit, titled "Le Destin Des Châteaux Croisés", makes reference to the literary work Castle of Crossed Dreams, by Italo Calvino, a novelist and famous member of Oulipo. Oulipo is an association that seeks to create works using constrained writing. 

"Le Destin Des Châteaux Croisés" gathers work from three artists, Guy de Cointet, Jef Geys, and Dorothy Iannone, under an oulipian banner. Born in Paris, Guy de Cointet was an active member of the Los Angeles art scene. His works are known to be cryptic, and have continued to be the subject of numerous exhibitions beyond his own life. Jef Geys is considered one of the most important Belgian artists of his time, and he has spent the entirety of his career on one vast, evolving project. He challenges the standard practices of art and explores his own life, his surroundings, and his relationship to the outside world. Dorothy Iannone turns to the subjects of sexuality and love for her works, and has frequently faced censorship problems as a result. Born in Los Angeles, she now lives in Berlin. 

The exhibit will also feature guest artist Raul Guerrero of San Diego. His work being presented is a portrait of Guy de Cointet, pictured above.