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Nov 16
Ibrahim Maalouf Album Release Concert 12422 Bluff Creek Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90094
Nov 16
Zadig Trio on Tour 689 Fifth Avenue (Entrance located on the north side of 54th Street, between Madison & Fifth Avenues) 3rd Floor (Piano Salon) New York, NY 10022
Compagnie Käfig performs "Pixel" 101 Zellerbach Hall Berkeley, CA

Philippe Bréson: Mnemosis

French Photographer Philippe Bréson will be exhibiting "Mnémosis", a series dedicated to the memory of the World War I battlefields, at the Lycée Français de San Francisco from Feb 12, 2018 to Feb 16, 2018.

Philippe Bréson is born in 1960. He has been passionate about photography since he was 10 years old. After a long career as a photojournalist, Philippe teaches and lectures photography in Art schools in Paris. His photography strangely stirs the viewer in a vintage aesthetic. The landscape is fleeting. It's more a moment than a place, an impaired mark of a personal, private and singular experience.

His last collection presents the battlefields of the Great War where now everything is calmed down. The woods are silent. The ground rests, finishing the slow digestion of the iron.

"Philippe Bréson has chosen to intervene directly on the negative of a place for which he lengthily gathered materiel. As if photographing a landscape was a deconstruction work. In his memory's rewriting, Jacques Derrida's thought is not far: "At the beginning was the ruin"'. Gabriel Bauret and