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Robert Filliou: Seule la Fête est Permanente

Galerie Légitime

Peter Freeman, Inc. will present a survey of work of French-born artist Robert Filliou (1926-1987). The exhibition Seule la Fête est Permanente (a phrase that the artist creatively translated into "The Eternal Network is Everlasting”) is the first such comprehensive overview of the artist's work to be shown in the United States.

A prolific artist beginning in the 1950s, Filliou was self-taught, embracing disciplines as diverse as economics (in which he first trained and worked), philosophy, linguistics, metaphysics, Buddhism, and science. Calling himself a “genius without talent,” he developed a protean body of work comprising plays, happenings, poems, mail art, writings, assemblages, multiples, games, environments, films, and videos. He favored simple materials to convey a “do-it-yourself” philosphy. Though Filliou had strong ties to and close collaborators in America audiences here have never been able to view at once so many works by this influential artist, ranging from his early performative pieces from the 1960s to his brick installations—Briquolages—from the 1980s.

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