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After Tomorrow, curated by re.riddle

In collaboration with the Cultural and Scientific Services of the French Embassy in the United States, the French Consulate in San Francisco, the French Tech San Franciscon, l’Institut Français and the French American Cultural Society, re.riddle is pleased to present After Tomorrowan exhibition exploring the intersections between art, technology and science. The exhibition will look at the ways in which these interrelationshipsshape, augment and/or modify our existence and the human experience.

Installed in the private residence of the Consul General, the exhibition showcases the work of Hongtao Zhou, Boris Labbé, Summer Lee, Mark Baugh-Sasaki, and Angelique Cheronnet. Opening night will feature a performance art piece by Summer Lee with Laura Boles Faw and the US premiere of Boris Labbé’s animated video Kyrielle.

The exhibition runs from March 14, 2018 to August, 2018. For more information about the artists and to make an appointment for visiting the exhibition (Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm), please contact Alex Penn at aedwards@reriddle.com


Hongtao Zhou’s Textscapes
By conflating text (2D) and object (3D) in his Textscapes, Hongtao Zhou simultaneously recalls the history of printmaking as a medium primarily associated with text together with the contemporary innovations in 3D printing with the construction of a sculptural object. The notion of materiality is emphasized through the various protruding heights and shapes of the text, which form the cityscapes of dense urban cities such as Paris, San Francisco, Shanghai and New York, etc. The text functions as legible maps, both visually representing the skyline as well as describing the city's demographics.

Boris Labbé’s Kyrielle
Kyrielle consists of a 10-minute HD animated video installation that comments on the themes of loneliness, encounters, connections or fractures between individuals (both as multiple, repetitive actions and/or a singular event).  Employing vivid, brightly layered colors coupled with the simplicity of abstract figures, the video presents these themes in playful, improvised dance-like tableaux. The video unfolds in the form of a visual narrative that is simultaneously organic chaos and mathematical loops and palindromes.

Summer Lee’s Into the Nearness of Distance XI
Summer Lee and Laura Boles Faw will enact a performance using the vantage point of the residence overlooking the City. Using invisible writing and a code of flashing lights, Lee and Faw will investigate the intersections of art and technology in relationship to the themes of translation, communication, distance and the loss of geography.

Mark Baugh-Sasaki’s Landscape and Smoke (Bay Leaves)
Mark Baugh-Sasaki combines his interests in art, technology and science in the creation of his smoke drawings. He gathers objects and ephemera from places and locations significant to his personal memories and experiences. Employing various machinery to apply smoke around the objects which are placed precariously on the surface of the paper, Baugh-Sasaki creates an ethereal, volumetric outline and inverted silhouette.  Together with the image, there are bits and pieces of the objects/natural ephemera that were burned in the process and remain as ash within the composition, operating as an index of the artist’s own actions, memories and personhood.

Angelique Cheronnet’s Maria Erminia
Captured exclusively through the modern imaging technology and social media platform Instagram, Cheronnet experiments with documenting moments from everyday life in the 21st century. Her work presents the interrelationships between the human subject and the urban environment, shaped by innovations in technology, changes in cultural geography and topography in the dense, urban cities. 


Hongtao Zhou holds a PhD from Purdue University, a MFA from University of Wisconsin-Madison and a MS from Northeast Forest University of China.  Currently, Zhou is a Professor at the College of Design and Innovation at Tongji University in Shanghai and an Assistant Professor of the School of Architecture at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa.  In addition to being awarded the great honor of being part of the Top 50 Design Artists in China at the Great Hall of the People (Beijing), invited to present at TEDx Shanghai about his artistic practice, Zhou's Textscapes were exhibited and acquired in March 2017 by the Pompidou Center, Paris as part of the show "Printing the World" (Mutations-Creations / Imprimer le monde). The exhibition featured experimentation in 3D printing in the fields of art, design, architecture and science.

Summer Lee graduated from Stanford University in 1997 and received her MFA in painting and sculpture from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2011. Recent exhibitions include UNTITLED, San Francisco, Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco, SCOPE Miami Beach (Art Basel), Berliner Liste, Italian Institute of Culture (San Francisco), San Francisco Arts Commission, He Xiangning Museum Permanent Collection (Shenzhen, China), Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (San Francisco), Woman-Made Gallery (Chicago, IL) and Fei Contemporary Art Center (Shanghai). Lee’s most recent installation "Requiem" commissioned by Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco pays homage to Hong Kong’s Tung Wah Hospital’s role in the repatriation of Chinese immigrant bones to China. Lee’s research of the bone boxes and journey to Hong Kong, Kaiping and China will also be featured in a documentary film.

Mark Baugh-Sasaki’s work explores the intersection and dialectical relationship between the natural and the industrial.  Baugh-Sasaki combines his experiences and investigations with the use of industrial and natural materials and processes to create fantastical objects or environments that illustrate the changing systems, interactions, adaptations and altered landscapes within this new realm. Baugh-Sasaki attended Carnegie Mellon University and obtained his MFA from Stanford University. He was recently awarded the prestigious residency as a Stanford Graduate Fellow, Headlands Center for the Arts, California and is concurrently teaching photography at Stanford University, Palo Alto. He has exhibited internationally, collected in public and private institutions, and is a SFMoMA SECA award nominee and recipient of the Cadogan Award, The San Francisco Foundation. Baugh-Sasaki has had numerous residencies such as at La Napoule Artist Residency (France), Djerassi Artist Residency (Woodside, CA) and Chemin d’Art, Saint-Flour (France) and will begin his residency at Recology, San Francisco in the fall of 2018.

Boris Labbé was born in Lannemezan (Hautes Pyrénées, France) and studied at the School of Fine Arts in Tarbes (ESACT) and The School of Animated Film in Angoulême (EMCA) graduating in 2011. Labbé is a member of the Académie de France in Madrid, and has had residencies at the Casa de Velázquez, Haute école des arts du Rhin (HEAR), CICLIC Région Centre and ESCY in Yssingeaux in partnership with the DRAC Auvergne and VIDEOFORMES. His work has been exhibited in France, Spain, Canada and Japan as well as in over one hundred international film and video festivals. Labbé was a recipient of the Special Jury Prize at the Annecy Festival in 2012 for Kyrielle, the prize for the Best Video Installation in roBot festival in Bologna and in the Multivision Festival in St. Petersburg for Danse Macabre. Labbé’s latest short film Rhizome, produced by Sacrebleu Productions, has been awarded by the Grand Prize at Japan Media Arts Festival in Tokyo and the Goden Nica Animation at Festival Ars Electronica in Linz.

Angelique Cheronnet is a French photographer based in Paris, who specializes in social documentary photography. Cheronnnet’s education and work experience in photo journalism influences her photographic stylistic language and process. Shot in 35 mm film, her work captures the moments in everyday life, from the point of view of a quiet observer. Human subjects are often centered around and highlighted along with spatial aspects of the photographic sites, such as architectonic forms, dynamic lines, colors and unorthodox angles. Cheronnet has exhibited in Ireland and continues to travel internationally to photograph new subjects.

re.riddle is an itinerant gallery featuring site-specific exhibitions and pop-up events in San Francisco, Paris and London. We showcase contemporary artworks that are socially engaging, multidisciplinary and aesthetically sophisticated. Our mission is to contribute to the discourse of contemporary art in thought provoking and playfully subversive ways, via the presentation of art in new modes of production, reception and consumption. With an emphasis on the whimsical, re.riddle hopes to arouse curiosity and promote an awareness of art in its many forms within our daily surroundings.

Boris Labbé | Kyrielle

Mark Baugh-Sasaki | Landscape and Smoke (Bay Leaves)

Angélique Cheronnet | Maria Erminia