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Line & Color: The Nature of Ellsworth Kelly

Line & Color: The Nature of Ellsworth Kelly

Opening on June 1st, the Line & Color: The Nature of Ellsworth Kelly exhibition will be on display at the Norton Simon Museum in Southern California until October 29.

The Norton Simon Museum located in Pasadena, CA contains various European and Asian collections as well as a beautiful sculpture garden. The exhibition opening this summer is a collection of paintings from the American painter, sculptor, and printmaker,  Ellsworth Kelly.

Primarily known for his minimalism, hard-edge painting, and color field painting which he emphasizes using bold lines, bright colors, and unique forms, Ellsworth Kelly became involved in the art world after his experience in The Ghost Army during World War II where he was exposed to military camouflage and basic art training. 

After he finished serving the US military, Kelly established his artistic aesthetic during his studies at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beux-Arts  in Paris, France. Although he struggled financially in France, he adopted a very European artistic style while studying and living in France for six years. 

Kelly’s art in the Line & Color: The Nature of Ellsworth Kelly exhibition will showcase two of Kelly’s lithographic suites and two of his paintings. The exhibition focuses on the way the modernist artist takes nature’s colors and shapes as if flattening the world. Ellsworth Kelly's art is influenced by nature and the everyday objects he observes.