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A Journey That Wasn't featuring Pierre Huyghe

Journey that Wasn't by Huyghe

On June 30, 2018, The Broad contemporary art museum in downtown Los Angeles welcomes visitors for the opening of its newest collection exhibit: “A Journey That Wasn’t,” which will feature the reputable French Conceptual artist Pierre Huyghe.

The “A Journey That Wasn’t” collection exhibits the concept of time with pieces encompassing its passage through its rhythm, repetition, duration, and artifice and how time constructs an illusion through our memories. Although time is a seemingly quantifiable measurement, these art installations argue its characteristics an as immaterial, unfixed social construct that can only be perceived through our imaginations and memories of ideas at these specific moments. 

The exhibition featuring Pierre Huyghe, will also an array of artists from around the world including Bernd and Hilla BecherGregory CrewdsonAndreas GurskyElliott HundleyAnselm KieferSherrie LevineGlenn LigonSharon LockhartPaul Pfeiffer and Ed Ruscha

Pierre Huyge, a French Conceptual artist who studied art at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs creates art in a variety of mediums including film, installations, parades, puppet theaters, and more. Huyghe primarily creates artistic representations of situations that examine the boundary between reality and fantasy as he explores philosophical notions with film and installation. His philosophical pieces of reality and fantasy will complement the existentialist theme of the concept of time, imagination, and memories. 

The time-centered exhibition’s art will range from paintings and sculptures to photographs and installations, and will be open to visitors with free admission until February 2019. Upcoming programs associated with “A Journey That Wasn’t” will be announced at a future date.