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San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival

Several French films will be presented during Frameline 42, San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival, and French humorist and director Océan will be in attendance! Find the full lineup here:

Kiss Me! / Embrasse-moi!
Director: Océane & Cyprien Vial
2017 | France | 86m
GENRE: Comedy | Gay | Lesbian | Marriage Equality | Relationships | Romance
SECTION: World Cinema
Expected Guests: Director, Océane

Serial-romantic Océanerosemarie has finally met the girl of her dreams, a photographer named Cécile. Unfortunately, no one around her will 1) believe her or 2) leave her alone long enough to make this relationship work. Fantine, the most recent in a long line of exes, repeatedly tries to throw a wrench in the budding romance and finds a willing ally in Océane’s mom, who complains that her daughter’s breakups are hard on her, too. Meanwhile, the reserved Cécile can’t decide how to respond to her determined pursuer, who follows Cécile to an out-of-town workshop on modern dance and uncovers an embarrassing secret. Will these two wacky lovebirds ever find their happy ending?

As in the best romcoms, the outcome is never in serious doubt, and getting there is half the fun. Océane buzzes around town on her red scooter to the beat of a retro dance-party soundtrack; in one scene she even channels Jennifer Beals in Flashdance, in a hilarious attempt to impress Cécile. Kiss Me! is studded with laugh-out-loud moments, from a goofy closet case to a wedding speech gone wrong. An assured comedian who also wrote and co-directed, Océanerosemarie is the appealing soft-butch center of this film, backed by a diverse cast of friends, lovers, and family. As an added perk, this romantic ride gives us a glimpse of not-for-tourists Paris.

Islands / Les Îles
Director: Yann Gonzalez
2017 | France | 23m
GENRE: Bisexual | Drama | Experimental | Gender | Male-to-Female | Queer | Sci-Fi/Horror/Fantasy | Sexuality | Sexually Explicit | Theatre/Performance Art | Transgender

With a highly evocative soundtrack that features Oneohtrix Point Never and Stars of the Lid, the latest provocation from France’s resident garçon terrible Yann Gonzalez (You & the Night, Frameline38)—winner of the Queer Palm at the Cannes Film Festival—blurs the lines between wet dream and lucid nightmare as a macabre, erotic stage performance sends a ripple of lustful desires through its audience and performers.

Language: In French with English subtitles | Premiere Status: Bay Area

Noodle / Nouille
Director: Benoît Masocco
2017 | France | 6m

GENRE: Bisexual | Comedy | Drama | Gay | Relationships | Sexuality
Expected Guests: Director, Benoît Masocco

It’s to get hard when you’re straight and you cheat on your girlfriend for the first time—with a lesbian who wants revenge…

Language: In French with English subtitles | Premiere Status: North America

Reinventing Marvin / Marvin ou la belle éducation
Director: Anne Fontaine
2017 | France | 115m
GENRE: Arts & Literature | Coming Out | Drama | Gay | Homophobia | Relationships | Sexuality | Theatre/Performance Art | Youth (18 & Under)
SECTION: World Cinema

Anne Fontaine’s powerful new film, winner of the Queer Lion award at the Venice International Film Festival, explores the painful relationship a young gay man has with his past. Marvin grows up amid a gruff and boorish family in a French village. Artistically inclined, with a nascent attraction to other boys in his class, he’s the victim of aggressive bullying at school and home. When he gets into a Parisian drama school and meets a more welcoming peer group, he has the opportunity to craft a completely new identity. He changes his name and meets a wealthy older man who introduces him to Oscar-nominated actress Isabelle Huppert, whimsically playing herself. But his childhood experiences still haunt and call to him, leading him to write a theater piece that brings him into the public eye but causes recriminations back home. Fontaine (Coco Before Chanel, The Innocents) creates a scenario that fluidly drifts between Marvin’s past and his present, revealing the frequently fraught moments from adolescence that make the man.

In the title role, Finnegan Oldfield—whose performance garnered him a César nomination—and newcomer Jules Porier give indelible performances as the older and younger incarnations of Marvin, respectively. Charles Berling (The Man of My Life, Frameline31), Catherine Mouchet, Vincent Macaigne, and Her Highness Huppert memorably play mentors who nurture Marvin at pivotal times. With grace and vivid storytelling, Reinventing Marvin suggests that the ties of family that bind and chafe can eventually loosen and perhaps set us free.