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Oct 13
Hubert Haddad Northwestern University Crowe 2-130, Crowe Hall 633 Clark Street Evanston, IL 60208
Oct 17
School of Life by Nicolas Vanier The Avalon Theatre 5612 Connecticut Avenue NW Washington, DC 20015
Oct 15
Gérôme Truc Harvard University, Room 110, Barker Center, Boston, MA

Dziga Vertov Group at Metrograph

Image: "Wind From the East" directed by Dziga Vertov Group

In 1968, Jean-Luc Godard put an end to Jean-Luc Godard—at least officially. Teaming with Jean-Pierre Gorin, Godard created the Dziga Vertov Group, a collective named for the groundbreaking Soviet documentarian that would produce highly didactic, communally-authored films heavily informed by Brechtian epic theater and Marxist-Leninist self-critique, made outside of the conventional avenues of production for screening outside of conventional theatrical venues and generally intended as a politically-committed alternative to the hopelessly compromised system of auteurist name brands from which Godard had emerged. This program of intellectually-restless firebrand films touches on topics including the British class system, the struggle to escape bourgeois ideology, the history of radical cinema, and the Palestinian cause, a globe-trotting tour of the ideological battlegrounds of the era in which they were made, still undiminished in their fiery, uncompromised force and launching a frontal assault on all established cinematic order.


Struggle in Italy
Year: 1970
Duration: 76 mins

British Sounds + Pravda
Year: 1969
Runtime: 110 & 58 mins

Ici et ailleurs + Godard in America
Year: 1976
Runtime: 100 & 45 mins

Wind from the East
Year: 1970
Runtime: 100 mins

Vladimir and Rosa
Year: 1971
Runtime: 103 mins

Un film comme les autres
Year: 1968
Runtime: 108 mins

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