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Feb 19
A Discussion on Leïla Slimani's New Book Strand Book Store, 828 Broadway, New York, NY 10003
Isabelle Huppert in The Mother ATLANTIC THEATER COMPANY LINDA GROSS THEATER 336 West 20th Street
Feb 20
Bouchra Khalili The Art Institute of Chicago Rubloff Auditorium 230 S. Columbus Dr. Chicago, IL 60603

Tara Pacific Stopover in San Diego

Tara Pacific Two-Year Expedition

On July 19, go on board Tara for an afternoon on the Tara Pacific boat to learn more about invisible life in the ocean and the protection of the oceans. 

With over fifteen years of experience and over 300,000 kilometers traveled across the world’s oceans, the French non-profit Tara Expeditions Foundations has conducted a plethora of scientific research expeditions throughout the world.

Founded in 2003, Tara Expeditions has strived for the past fifteen years to find connections between the ocean and mankind, biodiversity, and climate through its extensive high-level research missions. The foundation strives to raise awareness to environmental issues on a global level, specifically directed towards young adults to raise political activity to protect the environment.

A schooner filled with French scientists and researchers connected to Tara Expeditions is currently on a two-year Pacific Ocean mission concentrated on a coral reef project and will make a stopover from July 18 to July 21 in San Diego of Golette Tara. On July 19, Tara Expeditions will have a public meeting at the Scripps Seaside Forum from 5 to 9 pm to present their research and describe their non-profit organization. 

The public meeting will offer a greater insight of the impact of climate change and the world’s ecological ocean crisis through the organization's research findings and results. The event will also teach individuals about the invisible life in the ocean. The event welcomes children to learn more about the ocean and will offer children an innovative instrument to help kids see the invisible ocean life. 

Register for the event at: event@planktonplanet.org