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Vanessa Atlan at the SHOW Gallery

Melancholic Cowboy, 2018

You have until July 20th to come to the SHOW Gallery and admire the works of the French artist Vanessa Atlan, in a show called Hollywood Diaries. Started on June 15th, this exhibition features a series of watercolors exploring the diversity of the Hollywood population, as well as elements of its urban landscape. These works will open your eyes the complexity and tensions inbeded in the city and its residents.

Vanessa Atlan has done several solo and group exhibitions in the United States, and especially in Los Angeles. In 2012 and 2014, she presented the second and third parts of her show Wonderland Stereo at the HIE Gallery. She is well-known for her artist's book Portraits de Ville - Naples, published in 2007, where she offers a subtle mosaic of photographs and portraits introducing the beholder to the essence of Naples.

The artist work is a desturous and learned mix of portraits and urban details meant to decipher the uniqueness of a place, and the lives that inhabit it. Living and working in Los Angeles, Vanessa Atlan is one of the finest observer of this both attracting and intimidating city, where the future always seems to devour the present. Seize this opportunity to walk within Hollywood in a way you never did before.